Greater Scranton Region Events

Event DateApptEvent Name
3/23/2020   Early Explorers Series for ages 3-6
5/14/2020   Scranton LaunchBox
5/30/2020   Free Webinar: "The Top 10 Tips to Protect Your Assets from Nursing Home Costs
5/30/2020   Graduate Degree Commencement The University of Scranton
5/30/2020   Commencement Baccalaureate Mass The University of Scranton
5/31/2020   Undergraduate Commencement The University of Scranton
6/1/2020   Early Explorers Series: Little Sprouts
6/2/2020   Virtual Underground Microphone
6/2/2020   Family Wildflower Pounding
6/6/2020   AutoCAD Training Level 1
6/9/2020   Virtual Underground Microphone
6/16/2020   Virtual Underground Microphone
6/17/2020   FSA NEPA Spring Fling & Auction
6/18/2020   Supervisory Workshop - Supervising Projects
6/19/2020   Breaking Clays for Kids 5th Annual Clay Shoot
6/22/2020   A Closer Look Day Camp
6/22/2020   Backyard Habitats Day Camp
6/23/2020   Virtual Underground Microphone
6/29/2020   Backyard Habitats Day Camp
6/29/2020   Eco Explorers Day Camp
6/30/2020   Virtual Underground Microphone
7/6/2020   Eco Explorers Day Camp
7/6/2020   ArtVentures Day Camp
7/7/2020   SAT Exam Test Prep
7/11/2020   AutoCAD Training Level 2
7/13/2020   Graduate Courses for Educators
7/13/2020   ArtVentures Day Camp
7/13/2020   Wilderness Survival Day Camp


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