Greater Scranton Region Events

Event DateApptEvent Name
12/19/2017   Leadership Lackawanna Farmhouse Sanctuary Class Project
3/13/2018   LCEEC Beekeepers Club
5/12/2018   South Side Outdoor Farmers Market
6/18/2018   A Closer Look Day Camp
6/18/2018   Backyard Habitats Day Camp
6/18/2018   Two-day Summer Orientation Session
6/21/2018   Summer Business Card Exchange
6/22/2018   Men’s Soccer ID Clinic
6/23/2018   Catholic Women’s Conference
6/23/2018   Master of Biomedical Sciences (MBS) Learn and Explore
6/24/2018   Women’s Soccer ID Clinic
6/25/2018   Eco Explorers Day Camp
6/26/2018   Underground Microphone
6/27/2018   Member Welcome Breakfast
6/29/2018   Women’s Soccer ID Clinic
6/29/2018   Chamber Day at Montage Mountain Waterpark
6/30/2018   Electronics Recycling Day
7/1/2018   Pink in the Park
7/2/2018   ArtVentures Day Camp
7/6/2018   First Friday
7/6/2018   Performance Music: The Scranton Brass Seminar
7/8/2018   University of Success Summer Institute
7/9/2018   Wilderness Survival Day Camp
7/9/2018   SCC Summer Camp Program
7/14/2018   Women’s Volleyball ID Clinic
7/16/2018   Eco Quest Day Camp
7/17/2018   The Empire Fashion Show
7/21/2018   Women’s Volleyball ID Clinic
7/23/2018   Environmental Quality
8/3/2018   First Friday
8/3/2018   Men’s Soccer ID Clinic
8/3/2018   Diocese of Scranton Catholic Charismatic Conference
8/3/2018   Scranton Jazz Festival
8/4/2018   Lackawanna Arts Fest


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