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15% off discount - Contact Oath

Ever call a contractor...over and over and over without an answer or return call? Never right? lol. We know it's not a laughing matter, but the unprofessional manner in which they respond to a customer in need is laughable. You shouldn't have to hound a contractor or hire a bounty hunter to track a good contractor down. At WRD, we make the simplest of pledges to you despite it being a no brainer. We swear an oath to you, that a representative will either answer your call/text/email or respond within 48 hrs at the latest. if we don't, then your service is 15% off. We dare you to put us to the test. It's a no brainer, you win either way! Kick off the new year with a contractor that is there for you and answers 24/7. Call today (570) 507 - 2945 #WaterpRoofRd #roofingreimagine #commercialroofing #roofrepair #neparoofer #scranton #nepa #24/7roofer 1. A message must be left if phone call in unanswered. 2. A returned email, call or text by WaterpRoof Roofing Diagnostics LLC is made and without answer from the party. (A message will be left via phone to clearly identify an attempt to contact party was made.) 3. In the event despite our best efforts the following occurs, WRD is not liable to honor the offer: ??if the parties information is given incorrectly ?? if the information is unable to be understood ?? in the event party's phone voicemail/answering method is not available/setup or is full ??emails are blocked or sent to spam 4. If any of the line items listed in rule 3 occur, we will make several attempts to the best of our ability to contact the party. 5. A 48 hr time period without WRD contacting the party before offer is redeemable. 6. A clear method of communication to return request and contact's name must be given via phone, voicemail, text or email in order to be valid. "Unknown callers" without providing contact information will be disqualified from offer.

Reference Number: ContractOathWRD
Expires: 12/31/2022

The Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce is not responsible for fulfillment of this coupon.